Aon / broker firm出路?


我有個Aon early career program 嘅offer, under 一個叫global benefits 嘅department. 嗰陣interviewer 話比較多duties 係關於employee benefits and client-facing 嘅。我自己對個工作內容都有啲興趣。

問題就係,我亦有另一間細啲嘅management consulting firm 嘅offer. 但Aon公司規模真係大一節。所以咁喺選擇take邊個offer前,我想問下關於Aon呢個intern嘅出路。呢份intern係唔係真係只係對之後向保險/broker方向發展有用?如果想做返啲consulting 相關多啲嘅工作,又有冇用?如果冇嘅,咁通常Aon或呢行呢出路有啲咩?

Thank you so much!!

ps. year 2



Hi Kelly!! Congrats on both offers!! Happy to see Year 2 candidates nowadays are competitive as you getting 2 decent offers!! To me, the first rule should be taking something at least you think can be your career start upon graduation. If the offer passes such a criterion, for early year university students it may be quite a correct direction to put an offer with a much reputable name (in front of the HRs / interviewers from your ideal industry you would love to get into upon graduation) on your CV. But yea in your case, it seems to me you should really dig out if your "small management consulting firm" is really that small...maybe you can try to find yourself some more reference eg number of followers on its LinkedIn page, career path of the senior management, and maybe checking out some rankings eg Vault ( <- there are quite some different rankings and if it is really a samll one, you may wish to check "2022 Best Boutique Consulting Firms" or "2022 Vault Top Consulting Asia-Pacific".

Let's talk more about AON. I guess to show you a fairer and clearer picture, how about inviting you to have a look on the below profiles I can find on LinkedIn?

Source: LinkedIn

How the above helps!!


Hello world
Hello world
聽講global benefits個邊 d culture 好friendly
會有好多exposure, client engagement

利申 上一batch intern唔同team 見佢地grad job: 
accenture, roland berger etc.
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