MTR GT 2022 assessment centre

你好👋🏻啱啱收到MTR GT 既AC,想問下個形式同問題係點?有冇人可以分享一下,唔該晒🙌🏻


Taking reference from 2019, basically it would be a business case discussion, and there will be time allowed (30 mins) to prepare for an individual presentation afterward. After the presentation, there will be a HR meeting session with all candidates.

For the business case discussion, you can expect a 6-8 ppl group.

Question for business case or individual presentation can be taken reference from last year's topic, ie "analysis on public perception of Shatin to Central Link and communication plan for full opening of Tuen Ma Line in a stakeholder engagement format". You can expect something like this but with an updated theme that you can find from recent MTR's development plan / programmes.

All the best to your AC! Badly need your kind help to share with us the topic this year so that we can help the upcoming graduates~

Much appreciated!!

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