Management Consulting Career

除左MBB, Oliver Wyman, Accenture, 有啲咩其他consulting firm係一個好嘅starting point? Big4 Advisory算唔算?

小弟都唔係好識但我知道香港有呢幾type Management consultancies:

(留意Management consulting 廣義可以包埋HR consulting, IT consulting, marketing consulting 等等)

1. MBB + Oliver wyman 
2. big 4 advisory + other audit firms (Grant Thornton, BDO, RSM...)
3. IT consulting firm 嘅management consulting projects/ branch: Accenture, IBM, cagemini, TCS,infosys, Wavestone, Cognizant, Protiviti, EVA group apac...
4.  Boutique consulting firms: Roland Berger, Booz Allen Hamilton, Alvarez Marsal, Kearney, OC&C, FTI, Synpulse, Sia Partners, CH&Co, Capco... 
5. Others: Willis Towers Watson, IBD of ibanks and VC (financial advisory), Marsh, Mercer, Aon, Korn Ferry (Hr consulting)..
6. in house consulting team

仲有一堆香港Office total headcount 少過20 人嘅firm - eg typhoon consulting - 通常唔請fresh grad

通常做開Strategy consulting 起家嘅都比較難入,包括一啲Strategy consulting firm, 因為head count 少

除非你想做得好niche (HR consulting) 如果唔係其實大公司 eg big 4 advisory 會容易啲,因為headcount 同project 都多

Rule of thumb 唔計strategy consulting firm, 越大嘅公司會越容易入
但如果嗰間firm嗰排significantly expanding 就另計,可以話最大機會

好嘅starting point:真係depends on your career, 如果你想做HR consulting, 可能Aon 會好過第二間唔關事嘅firm

你可以上網research 大約get a feel of what they are doing, 再decide 自己嘅profile 同能力以內何謂一個good starting point
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