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Anyone knows what will we gonna do during the 1hr interview? is it a groip interview or individual one🙇🏻‍♀️ and is it similar to the first interview? thanks!!!

Hi Candy, congrats to your second round interview opportunity!! 

For the second round interview, it will be a panel interview, usually with 3 interviewers to 1 candidate. 

You can expect they will ask around the famous "P&G 8 Interview Questions (P&G八大問)" which refers to:

  1. Describe an instance where you set your sights on a high/demanding goal and saw it through completion.
  2. Summarise a situation where you took the initiative to get others going on an important task or issue and played a leading role to achieve the results you wanted.
  3. Describe a situation where you had to seek out relevant information, define key issues and decide on which steps to take to get the desired results.
  4. Describe an instance where you made effective use of facts to secure the agreement of others.
  5. Give an example of how you worked effectively with people to accomplish an important result.
  6. Describe a creative/innovative idea that you produced which led to a significant contribution to the success of an activity or project.
  7. Provide an example of how you assessed a situation and achieved good results by focusing on the most important priorities.
  8. Provide an example of how you acquired technical skills and converted them to practical application.
Many would suggest to use the STAR approach to answer these questions, which is a very accurate approach. But rather than rigidly memorise the "framework", I would suggest you to simply provide answers with specific goals and figures - try to QUANTIFY as much as you can as P&G is a very result-driven company. 

Insider also suggests that you should always be so clear about your goals when you are asked anything about your past exp and tasks, and how you can effectively work toward the goals. 

Hope it helps, and all the best! 

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