對p&g it manager有興趣
(本身唔係讀cs/information sustem)


Great question!

Firstly their graduate programs are not "MT Programs". They believe in "Day 1" Responsibility, with such you will be assessed as whether or not you have the real "Manager" calibre but not a trainee. So you may wish to emphasise more on your leadership and project management tractions / traits!

Secondly, they have some target schools in mind. I would say you will have disadvantage if you are not from the target schools. You can take reference from the universities they chose for their career talks!

Thirdly, please feel very free to join their career events, or our P&G virtual academy on our platform to know more about their business. Even if you are working in the IT department, it is inevitable that you need to have an in-depth understanding towards how FMCG marketing, branding, go-to-market, etc work.

Lastly, as they specifically mentioned on Job ad that they wish to admit candidates with CS/ISM/Analytics background, you may wish to re-consider if it is your final choice as I can tell it is a role suitable for candidates with a strong sense of analytics on data received across different channels (sales, channel partnership, marketing etc) for delivering customer insights. Certain technical skills should be required.

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