Grad offer


1. CX Digital and IT Graduate Trainee

2. PwC X-Venturer

3. EY Tech Risk Consulting (FSO)

4. Accenture Client Delivery (UK offer)

Aviation/ consultancy 都係想做嘅industry, digital transformation 有興趣,將來想做digital/ technology related 嘅工種。Plan緊香港最多留兩年,之後移民外國。請問有冇咩意見揀邊個offer好啲? 有冇啲insights on 4 份工嘅exit opportunities? Thanks!!


4 no doubt. Accenture better brand name and is tech centric. Client delivery also got exposure to client so it shouldnt be a problem to move in-house in the future. Quite align with your career goal. 

On the flip side, PwC may result in doing audit, CX prospect incredibly dull (insider financials, brits comp in HK, aviation and pandemic), EY Risk consulting FSO is just doing MO/BO work for bank and funds, even worse than in-house MO/BO imo and need a bit luck to join their digital transformation team. So all in all, none of them comparable to your Accenture offer.

Hope the above helps. If you dont mind, can you share with me how you got the UK offer, did you do your degree in UK? Or r you BC? Thanks and all the best~

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