Treasury Department at Local Commercial Bank

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想問喺一般tier2 local retail and commercial bank 做 FX Dealer (duties include reatil business deals and proprietary trading) 其實同investment bank global markets trading 分別很大嗎?同埋commercial bank做FX dealer 人工同bonus高嗎?

P.S. MT Program


Hi Julian! Yes sad to tell the difference is huge like hell eg products, deal size, frequency and training. Investment banks devoted quite some efforts in training and providing necessary support to their junior dealers, but yea if they are not yiedling / performing well I don't think they can stay there for a long time that easily.

The pay and bonus solely depends on your trading performance, especially for the positions you are trying to apply in other banks after completing your current MT programme. Below shows you 2 examples I can find on LinkedIn, on changing from non-major local banks to "foreign" banks, hope can motivate you!!!!

Source: LinkedIn

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