BlackRock Internship Superday

Frankie Ling
Frankie Ling
Thanks for the tips for the first round interview! Just got invited to its superday for Aladdin Wealth Tech. May I know how it's gonna be conducted and how long it might take please? Many thanks


Hi Frankie, congrats on your interview invitation!!

SuperDay will be something quite straight-forward, ie you will be interviewed by 3 interviewers / panels respectively. You should expect it to be 20-30 mins per session, mostly about your sharing to behavioural questions. 

Some questions would be considered as "technical questions", not many but still a portion, concerning your basic knowledge to asset management, the macro environment and your understanding to the industry where your previous internship engages.

Be prepared for the consecutive interviews, which should be quite tiring. 

Please do share us with your interview exp laaaaa
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