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我想問下有冇人知AC既rundown大概會係點架?同埋會唔會有dress code?



由於之前有提及過Swire AC,希望你唔介意我copy & paste之前問過insider嘅reply la——————

Hiiiii, so sorry for the late reply...we knew AC’s half way has gone but we need some time to double confirm with insiders on the interview details. congratulations!! Having an AC invitation from JSS is not an easy task, it means you are the lucky 1/3 of those who completed the online apt test. Btw, for those who still did not hear from Swire HR after completing the online apt test, I’m sorry to say you may strive better in other MT applications as they HAVE SENT OUT ALL AC INVITATIONS ALREADY. 很重要嘅事多講一次,基本上AC都in咗一半啦,做完apt test但未又收到下一步通知嘅你全力搞其他applications啦😉 

Source: Swire Leadership Programme - Group Staff MT Website 

AC day is never easy. For the very first thing, you need you go through an on-site retest for your apt test. It’s time to test whether your high score in the online apt test system is a real deal, or just by luck. What follows the test is a group discussion time. You can expect there will be a general business case requiring you and your teammates to come up with a recommendation / conclusion. In this part, it’s more about your presentation skills and how you position yourself in a team situation. 

Source: Swire Leadership Programme - Group Staff MT Website 

Panel interview is the last task during the AC day. You can expect interviewers are senior HRs and Swire leadership programme members (graduates MTs). The interview will be quite a straight-forward one, during which questions are all competency-based and experience-based. What you should be aware of is to be so familiar with your CV or details submitted in your applications. In this round interviewers will expect you to show your business acumen and your career aspirations with Swire Leadership Programme. Ah yes, please try to cite more personal experience and examples to support any points you make during the interview. 

All the best! And please come back to ask for more details when you received the final interview invitation 😉