banking summer intern

i am finding digital related banking summer internship.

may i know is the citi global consumer banking related to digital field? As I cannot find any job title that is specifically saying digital related.

i am also planning to apply for hsbc global private banking internship/ transformation services as i m most interested in their job nature. may i know is the competition fierce and what kind of candidates are they finding? do they want candidates with very stron technical background as i m not studying bba but i know some basic programming skipls. thx a lot for your help!

Hi Candy, thanks for asking!

First thing first...are you keen on Digital or PB actually ? 😂 just curious...

For digital, Citi GCB is quite digital-branded so you may expect they can fulfill your desire in this aspect. You may also wish to explore: HSBC RBWM, DBS T&O, or of cox some virtual banks and giant fintech companies for internship opportunities 

For PB, I can tell you need not tech knowledge, but I guess your vibe (personality?) and basic knowledge on financial products should still be required. Still, you are serving as the financial advisor for HNW clients 😉
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