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自己對data analytics 好有興趣入行,但本身係BBA graduate,search 過好多master 包括外國既都話require bachelor degree係要related ,如果去讀一個data science 既cert 會唔會對報master 有幫助?

In my experience data analytics and data science are quite different. If you are interested in analytica having some programming projects could potentially land you the job. Or alternatively some finance course also teaches programming which can help you get into data analytics.(e.g. MSc in Bussiness Analytics or MSc in Finanical Risk Management)

On the other hand, data science is way more demanding and often requires at least a master's degree. It is definitely hard to get in a data science course from a non Maths/Stats/Science/CompSci but it is not impossible. I know of serval people who did a BSc in Economcis and got into Data Science, by having a few years of experience working with data. And there are universities that takes non-stem background students too, but it is just harder to get in. In terms of certificates I have doubts on how much it helps, but having one at least shows that you are passionate in the area. The problem is just that the top unis' Data Science course are heavily maths base and it is kinda hard to show with a single certificate.

My advice would be really to think about what you want to do, is it data analytics or data science. If you are determined in pursuing data science masters degree, you need to do the preparation in advance. Maybe that a good project can act as your golden ticket into the field of data science. 


別人叫我太SoHin | Anthony@OnGrad
別人叫我太SoHin | Anthony@OnGrad

當年小弟LU MKT畢業,報咗當年WBS revamp咗嘅MSc in Business Analytics (原本叫MSc Business Analytics & Consulting),ranked 9th globally (<-無乜關係🤷🏻‍♂️):
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我中學(CE & A-Level)讀文商,無數底,呢個course都require applicants with 一定程度嘅math literacy,我有被request proof on呢個aspect。我做嘅嘢好簡單,首先professor嘅reference letters要叫佢輕輕的一提我數方面無問題,之後我再交咗份嘢話自己數學literacy一定meet呢個courses嘅requirement,我list曬自己所有數/stat相關嘅academic performance,包括自己CE Math嘅grade同GCSE嘅grade percentile對比,同埋自己大學相關courses嘅grade,咁就無question過了🤔


我估我文科+LU底都得,依家又咁多available online courses可以俾你再加少少少少咁多分,應該都得掛🤷🏻‍♂️