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Hello第一次用OnMyGrad 請大家多多指教🙏🏻 文有啲長唔好意思

講下自身背景先: 三大Science final year (major係data science), 我本身數底唔好同埋未接觸過programming, 所以讀啲stat & math & programming courses嘅時候讀得好辛苦, 成績都好差(係靠second major一科language拉返cgpa叫做過3咁). 一路都搵唔到同data analytics相關嘅intern, 畢業後亦唔打算做亦都好難做data analyst/scientist. 但我之前搵到份bank嘅placement做IT project management (同data science完全無關), 個工作性質唔technical (唔洗coding, 有時幫手gather requirements, 解答user疑難咁)但會接觸到IT, 所以都打算畢業後試下向business analyst呢方面發展.

我上網research過關於入行做BA, 但有啲問題唔太清楚:

  1. BA係咪有分唔同類型? (IT BA vs other types of BA?) 邊類嘅BA前景較好?因為我見有啲文章提到做BA最好識SQL, R, Python, Tableau (which我全部都係識少少), 據我所知呢類tools係偏向for data analysis, 但我覺得我之前嘅placement反而最好係識system design, infra etc., 要邊啲skill set係咪視乎做邊類型嘅project?
  2. 我亦都有見到有人建議做(IT)BA最好由support/programmer/system analyst做起, 但我唔想打太多code... 我咁樣係咪唔適合做(IT)BA?
  3. 我想做bank嘅BA (人工福利前景喺香港較好), 但我唔係bba background, 畢業係咪好難直接入bank做BA?(因為冇domain knowledge?) 如果入唔到bank, 去邊度做BA會比較容易啲轉返入bank? (e.g. insurance company/FDM group BA grad programme?)
  4. 我宜家final year係咪已經好難搵BA嘅internship做?仲有冇邊類型嘅intern係對入行做BA有幫助? 定係我應該集中火力練啲skill set?

請救救迷茫嘅小羔羊...唔該哂大家!! 🙏🏻



Hi Pretzel, welcome to our platform! Happy to share anything we know and definitely welcome our fellow users to share their opinions and exp as well. Really appreciate your detailed explanation of your background btw!

(1) BA係咪有分唔同類型?

In general, BA is the position assisting in the communication between clients, sales team and development team. So definitely if you know how to code, it will be a great advantage. As you mention, it is hard to predict which particular programming langauges / technical skills you need to master for applying to different BA openings, as BA is really a generic entry position title that is used by employers from different industries with different implications. I am sorry that there is not a definite answer but I would say BA can be more like a Product / Project Management role, implying that apart from certain types of technical knowledge, you may wish to learn about "Agile" / "Scrum" as well. Again, please do refer to each of the particular job ads to see their respective requirements as they can be with huge discrepencies.

(2) 唔想打太多code... 我咁樣係咪唔適合做(IT)BA?

As you can tell from different job openings, there are some more "Analysts" openings eg System Analysts, Technical Analysts etc which should be more demanding on technical skillsets. I would say you can still insist on your aspiration in pursuing BA positions. Some examples you can see below, from which programming langauges are not necessary items:

(3) 我想做bank嘅BA (人工福利前景喺香港較好), 但我唔係bba background, 畢業係咪好難直接入bank做BA?如果入唔到bank, 去邊度做BA會比較容易啲轉返入bank?

It is true that banks prefer to hire talents with relevant experience. For sure for some conversion courses / programmes may help but not necessary. I would suggest getting a similar role in other FIs (financial institutions), or tech consuting firms with project exposure to FI clients should be a great point of entrance.

(4) 我宜家final year係咪已經好難搵BA嘅internship做?仲有冇邊類型嘅intern係對入行做BA有幫助? 定係我應該集中火力練啲skill set?

I would suggest enhancing your tech skills / knowledge and searching for an intern position are not contradictory to each other. For intern positions, you may want to explore (or at least try to apply...never know right!? and we did not charge them from referrals / no worries haha) below positions:

Binance - Product Management Intern:

Ekimetrics - Internship in Strategy & Data Science:

Prive Technology - Strategy Analyst Intern:

Amazon - Product Manager Intern-Data Analyst (Sourcing):

All the best and keep us posted!!

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