HKJC summer internship interview (下星期二)


收到嗰HKJC Summer Internship Programme 2022 - Summer Intern/Assistant interview, 部門係Membership, Strategic Marketing and Branding,再問多次,HKJC話係under the Strategic Marketing and Branding function嘅Web Programme and Solutions team 。

而in我嘅係Corporate Digital Development Manager & Project Support Manager。

之後hr send jd比我:

The Web Solutions and Services Department (WSS) is responsible for day to day execution, project management, design & development, analytics and operations of the and affiliated campaign sites. As part of the Membership, Strategic Marketing and Branding Division, the Web Solutions and Services department, in addition to being an operational business unit, plays a critical role at web innovation and strategy formulation, aligning and binding multiple internal and external stakeholders into a long term Club wide consistent web perspective.

Job Scope could be on Requirement gathering and analysis; project time, resources and budget management; quality management; reports and documentation management and administration etc. depending on your profile and capabilities.

This would provide learning opportunity for the intern to understand the end to end process of implementing a digital project; learn how to trouble shoot a complex issue and develop project planning and execution skills, communication skills, data analytics etc.

但其實我望完都唔係好知做咩。所以想問1)會唔會知道具體工作內容。2)其實會唔會需要coding?我唔係讀IS, CS,不過有自己學python。3)出路如何。4)我對digital experience, digital transformation有興趣,呢份intern係唔係對呢兩方面相關?



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