HKMA placement offer

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Black triangle
小弟今年year 3收到hkma banking conduct placement, 自己本身已經一份European bank嘅compliance intern experience, 目前aim bb ibank compliance summer/grad analyst。想問吓值唔值得take hkma offer defer?



 To assist in analysing securities return/ surveys and provide other technical support;
 To provide support to the teams for conducting their on-site examinations of securities
and investment related activities of the authorized institutions;
 To conduct research on investment products and development in the financial and banking industry and to summarize the research findings;
 To assist in conducting user acceptance test for surveys/ Management Information System (MIS) reports on securities activities of authorized institutions;
 To provide administrative support to the division;
 To assist in other ad-hoc tasks where necessary; and
 To hand over and train up new student placement.


見親做過hkma placement條path同其他intern offer都唔錯, 今個summer無summer analyst offer的話其實可以一戰

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