Hedge fund operation 前景

2020 grad, 因為對finance mo/bo有興趣啲,所以前排由audit跳左去做細hedge fund operation (few m usd AUM)
 如果諗住考完CFA跳出黎,想問有咩exit? 如果搵bank bo做會唔會難?


to be frank, no need to waste time and money


Hey Ken, thanks for the question!

I guess it's always good to attain some more qualifications, but I would suggest you consider also the opportunity cost of the same amount of time and money invested in the CFA qualification.

For Hedge Fund Operation roles, I can see there are 3 main pathways for your career:

  1. Bullshit - Stay in there and continue to have a stable and reliable decent life
  2. Grasp opportunities to learn about how research and deal flow works and try to be aggressive in involving yourself in the projects, for sure the possibility of that depends on (i) team size - smaller one may bring you some adv, (2) pure luck, (3) if you speak it out to your supervisor / other team (4) see of if your boss finds it valuable to both sides
  3. Accumulate capital and experience, get yourself admitted by a leading business school for one of the top MBAs (others would only waste your time and money) and gamble on it for a totally new career path

I hope the above sharing can help! All the best and never satisfy with what you possess now!

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