Ibank corporate strategy - MD interview



May I please seek your advice on how to best prepare for the interview with MD for the role within Corp Strategy team?

Brief JD summary:

  • Support Front Office
  • Create reports concerning the primary and secondary business performance
  • Reconcile the secondary business trade commission
  • Support business reviews and projections



Hi there! It is not an easy question but please allow me to share a bit of what i know. I would suggest to prepare these types of questions (apart from those questions about yourself, eg experience, career aspiration and why, your university exp etc):

1. Market sizing type (eg how many weddings were there in HK last year? how many hambergers sold last year in US?) to testify your instance ans business acumen;

2. Company business-related / new technology questions (eg should we expand our private banking sector into xxx? how should we leverage from blockchain into our operation?) 

3. Open-ended / methodology type questions (eg how would you come up with a decision to a problem? let's say when we are launching a new product, how will you build a plan to roll it out, what considerations you have and what are the steps?) to tesity how you suit with the "strategy" function. 

All in all it highly depends on the style of the MD, and mostly I guess they may spend more time on you then those "technical" questions abovementioned. I hope the suggestions can help! 

If possible, we do wish to learn from your experience and please help to share your interview exp with us 🙇🏻‍♂️🙇🏻‍♂️🙇🏻‍♂️

All the best!!!
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