Master Overseas ?


I am thinking of weather to go for a MSc Finance in Singapore/UK in the coming Sept or not. I would like to work in Fintech/virtual banking field (it can be project management/ accelerators/ venture capital) as I am a business graduate. 

Thank you very much !

For my background, I interned overseas in Singapore and Malayisa and of course HK as well. For my internship experience in banks, I interned in a marketing dept in a private bank (SG based) and in the Fintech team in another SG based bank. For these 2 roles, they are both in HK. 

I am a graduate of 2019, majoring in Marketing. I did work as a graduate trainee for few months , but I didn't like it and it was irrelevant to the banking Industry.  Therefore, I quitted and am now interning in a Fintech dept for a bank. 



Hey Nick!! A future investor here haha! I really appreciate your detailed description on your background and most importantly you have a kinda-clear goal for yourself, to be in fintech or VCs. 

As you are now an intern for a fintech, I must say for the very first thing you should do is to request for full-time opportunities in your current team. The investment economy is even worse than the economy as a whole, as quite a number of caption chain rupture cases can be seen / forseen in the venture capital market. I think it's kinda hard to find a job there. 

Talking about whether or not you should go for a master degree in UK/SG, I would say it is always good to persue further studies if you have the ability to do so.  Especially for getting in the VC world, unless you had previous entrepreneurial (fund-raising) / investment-side experiences, you must make sure you can get into top busienss schools and highly related programmes (eg Investment / Economics / PE Management / Stats and Research etc). Otherwise it would be hard to get into that world. For getting into the fintech continent, I would say it's relatively easy as there's wide range of available opportunities given you had bank intern experiences. If you still can't find yourself a way in, please go for digital banking, digital transformation, customer experiences or product management positions as these are with a higher demand among Virtual Banks, and fintech arms of banks/financial institutions. 

Below I cited some profiles for your reference, on who and who can get into the venture world, hope they helps! 

(I tried to show some more profiles that are more 貼地 already, guess those experiences are attainable !)
Reference: LinkedIn

PS. Please give OnGrad a shot when you got into any of the VCs that is interested in investing in edtech companies. We badly need capital to grow 😂🙏🏻