Hsbc private banking gt job sim

any tips on how to prepare for job sim? 

also do they expect us to complete it within 35 mins (as stated in the email)? thanks

Hiii Jac! Congrats on completing the OIA!

For JSA (job sim), it should be with less questions than OIA, around 15Qs. To better prepare for it, be reminded that you should be ready to deal with not just ranking questions and personality questions (like those in OIA) but also video recordings, and email writing. 

For video recording, the system will start asking you with basic questions eg your strength, to testing your time management and how to deal with client meetings and presentations. Questions will be diving from standard interview questions to your responses to happenings in your future workplace. 

Lastly about the writing, please prepare yourself with writings about extracting information from data files (eg news and articles) and conduct conclusions and suggestions. That should be sth you can prepare!

All the best!!!
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