Blackstone interview


Can anyone share your experience about the zoom interview of off cycle corporate accounting intern?


Hey hello! 

The content covered in the Zoom interview can vary a lot...some shared it's very personal-focused while some mentioned half of the interviews might involve technical questions. Highly recommend you to prepare for both.

Starting with some basic questions which are "must-asked", eg Tell me about yourself, past experience, Why Blackstone, Career Aspiration, how this off-cycle can help in career development, what makes you a good-fit for the role, your strengths and weakness;

Then you should prepare technical questions eg why real estate fund, how real estate fund works, EBUTDA questions, different between P/E and EV/EBITDA, real estate investment valuation, naming some different valuation methods and rank them from highest to lowest valuation, DCF - FCF - WACC - APV - IRR - MOIC, cash-on-cash of an investment etc

I wish I should have covered the different possibilities of technical questions what will be asked. All the best man!!

Please do help to share the interview content and format afterward if possible...badly need your support!!🙇🏻‍♂️

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