P&G Graduate first interview


How to ace the first interview with P&G? What do interviewees commonly lack from P&G perspective?

(Role applied: Finance and Accounting manager)



Hey Hello!! Congrats on the interview invitation!

Firstly, highly recommend you to watch our P&G Virtual Academy at the Learning section, which you can find the Finance division's video and learn from their wordings and jargons.

Secondly, you should bear in mind about their slogan of Graduate Programme - "Day 1", as in you will be deligated with serious duties and treated as a real Manager at Day 1 in P&G. Leadership potential are expected to be seen from candidates during the interview. Try to think of your leading experience and how to project it into the future workplace - are you an accountable leader in the team?

Lastly, highly recommend you to search "P&G八大問" from the web and you will understand how they conduct the interviews.

Hope it helps! All the best to your interview! Please help us in sharing your interview exp afterwards...very crucial to our fellow users!


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