Product Manager


I would like to know more about the pathway of becoming a mature product manager without BBA major. Thanks!

Background: yr3 UST science student


Hello Heidi!! Thanks for your first question, and it's a quality one 😉

Bascilaly it's kinda vague in terms of the meaning and duties of the position titled with "Product Manager"...I guess your passion should be towards those roles in Tech firms right ?

A BBA major is not needed, but some skills are necessary. Most of the time modern Product Manager requires the candidates with skills / experience in: 
  1. Business Analysis / Analytics 
  2. Basic programming 
  3. Project Management 
  4. User / customer engagement -> UI/UX
  5. Market Research 
with all these you can translate business language into technical actionable items, and one may not need years of experience, but relevant ones.

I highly recommended you should go through Liam Bolling's YouTube channel, especially this video:
He is now a Product Manager of Google Map, who got his job in Product Management right upon graduation! 

To show you a more localised picture of the PM job requirements by HK tech employers:






Source: Google Jobs

I would suggest you should prepare now with the below action list:
  1. Equip yourself with some basic programming skills / data analytics 
  2. Work for startups as part-time / intern in relevant aspects 
  3. Learn more about UI/UX and its preliminary market research process 
Hope it helps!