Retail leasing 跳 consulting field

小弟自己bg係八大文科graduate, Real Estate field🙇🏻‍♂️ 身邊有好多fd都話consulting好好🤔 之前做intern 同team有位senior manager都係retail consulting出身,然後依家做緊retail leasing🤔 小弟我黎緊都會翻一份retail leasing嘅ft,想請教一下大家有無機會之後轉去retail consulting,同埋retail consulting會係邊幾間firm比較多人認識🙇🏻‍♂️感謝各位🙏🏻

by 8大文科my interpretation is that you are an arts student from either BU city poly lingU right?

if consulting is your goal, I think it's good that currently you have business exp and has a well defined goal.

you can think about taking a business master degree MBA/ MiM at 三大locally or overseas prestigious business school. that helps polish your CV a lot cuz consulting firms really have a complex/ fetish for top tier business schools.

if you can't afford the education investment, it's good to 1) define your goal more precisely and 2) do some job market research.

which field in retail do you want to specialise in? Strategy? Operations? Supply Chain? pricing? marketing? tech? Having an industry in mind is fine, but it's even better to think about whether you want to become a functional expert, or an retail industry all-rounded subject matter expert

then think about what type of consulting firm will be your dream job
1) MBB?
2) Big 4?
3) Medium-sized?
4) Boutiques strategy firms?

But I guess as a starter, it's easier to get into Big4 business consulting because of the no. of headcounts they have. and they are also big enough to have more retail projects than some other medium sized consulting firms.

but again I think defining the goal is only the first step. Acquring the functional knowledge, industry knowledge, consulting knowledge, that's another thing. 

just a side note I think Ongrad really could use a dm or private message function 

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