Accounting background 想做 Business Analyst有咩方法?


本身自己讀3大accounting,覺得BA/tech/data related 既方面第時都大有發展所以想做呢D方向既工。自己有自學緊python但總係覺得自學完都唔係好proficient & 冇實質既hands on experience,其實employer會唔會consider呢D level既自學? 或者有冇咩其他方法可以幫到入行?


I got a job as a BA consultant with 0 relevant exp (and 100% self study) so I can share several things you can think about:
1. what do you mean by BA? Mckinsey 同求其一間bank 都請緊Business Analysts, 但係每一間公司請嘅BA做嘅野都可以好唔同

BA 可以係Strategy Business Analysts, 工作性質似Management Consultant, 請得Strategy BA嘅通常都係Strategy Consultancy/ Generalist Business Consultancy,  工作成份唔一定關Tech 事

BA 可以係Business Business Analysts, 可以係in-house or consultancy, 作用係define 一個digital transformation initiative/ 一個Software Development Lifecycle 入面比較business related 嘅issues, 例如business case, collect business requirements, testing, user training and documentation

BA 可以係Technical Business Analysts, 工作性質類似System Analysts, 可能要識programming, software architecture, 喺Business BA 拎到business requirements 之後將Business language translate into technical language/ technical requirements, 可能做一啲software architecture 嘅design 等等

2. 點學呢啲skills

A. Read a book (what I read):
Strategy BA: The McKinsey Way (1999), Case Interview Secrets (2012 Victor Cheng)

Business BA: 
the Inside track to excelling as a Business Analyst (Roni Lubwama)
Business Analyst Body of Knowledge (BABOK)

Technical BA: 
System Analysis and Design (Cengage2019)

B. online Courses: (what I took)
LinkedIn Learning: Business Analyst Learning Pathway
Cousera: Analysis of Business Systems, Digital Transformation (BCG that one)

C. Less Important but might be handy: Project Management Knowledge, Charting knowledge (BPMN, UML etc), coding (I can't code)

3. How to get a job in BA (some tips)
- lock in a type of BA you want to become
- learn the BA skills
- Research the industries (which hires BA) (eg Financial Service, Conglomerates, Retail, Consulting) and understand what digital projects they are having right now
- more specifically you should be well versed with SDLC, Agile and the latest tech tools
- go out there and impress your interviewer

you're welcome 
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