swire intern interview

What kind of questions will be asked for group discussion? Will it be standard business cases?

Hey Winky! Yes as a tradition it will be a busienss case interview with a standard busienss case question. 

As basically all applicants are penultimate year students, please try best to (lead your group) surround your discussion with a "methodology", and discuss more on a macro level (eg market entry strategy / customary acquisition strategy etc) instead of spending most of your time on micro campaigns / ideas.

Please also try best to end your discussion with an execution plan, where you can stand yourself out from your fellow group-mates as you can show your busienss acumen and project management mindset. The execution plan needs not to be so detailed. Your team may just need to slightly cover (1) resources needed (budget / manpower) & (2) timeline (short-medium-long term). 

They like students with strong "busienss accumen", highly "presentable" and relatively mature. 

Hope the above helps! 

Please helpppppp to share us with the discussion topic this year la after your group interview😭🙏🏻🙏🏻

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