Apply few roles in APAC for summer internship

Hi, will it affect the possibility of getting the offer if I apply for the same role in both SG and HK for summer internship ?  p.s. The bank allows students to apply for more than 1 role in APAC, no limitation. Even though they said I can do it, will HR reject during the screening stage if they see my applications ? 

Hi Nkkk! For such case I don't think it will affect your eligibility, please go ahead. 

Just one thing to highlight. For positions in Singapore, it is quite hard for applicants from Hong Kong to get through their screening as you need visa or so. If you wish to explore to work in Singapore, unless you (1) obtained a further study degree in Singapore or (2) transfer internally from your company as an oversea assignment (which I personally know a case, transferring within a multi-national bank), it will be not an easy task. 
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